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Performance Services

To inspire, inform and guide your progress

Bespoke Personal Coaching Packages

Professional, attentive coaching for worldwide athletes who place high value on their time and seek the best possible return on investment for the efforts that they make.

Our coaching mission is

'Making you fast, faster.'

Packages are tailored to the training complexity, feedback requirements and frequency of updates.

Road, Time Trial, MTB, CX, Gravel, Track and Triathlon athletes are welcome.

Contact us to discuss the best solution for your coaching needs.

Packages start from £175 / €210 / $300 (AUD) on a monthly basis. No sign-up fee.


Training Plans

Our personalised and dynamic training plans are available on TrainingPeaks.


Click here to find your ideal training plan.

We offer plans suitable for:

  • Intermediate and advanced riders

  • Specific aspects of performance

  • Durations of 4 to 12 weeks

  • Bike only or gym and bike training


All plans are smart-trainer and virtual ride (e.g. Zwift) compatible.

Plans start from $19.99 USD.

Training Plans

Physiological Testing

Testing is the best way to understand how your underlying physiology is performing.

Physiology adapts with training, so it is essential to monitor changes and ensure your training zones are accurately defined.


Tests available include:

  • Blood Lactate Profiling

  • Functional Threshold Power

  • Repeated Sprint Ability

  • Fatigue Resistance 


Testing can be done indoors or in the field, depending on location.


Performance Consulting

If you seek professional help with your training or racing, we offer private sessions to develop solutions and give you the tools to succeed.

Examples of where a consultation will help: 

  • Designing the optimal pacing strategy for a Time Trial or Ironman Triathlon

  • Structuring your training to peak for multiple A-priority events in a single season

  • Developing strategies to perform in different environmental conditions e.g altitude or heat/cold

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